Your cart Advertising

Hello everyone, today I come to offer you free advertising for life, as well? ps very easy with your help we will buy this fast food cart that we will use as a means of support, because unfortunately we have no work, so far we worked for an ornamentation company, but we were thrown out by a case with a partner who needed to put Someone and me and my brother got in his way, so he put us wrong and well today we are unemployed but with a new idea, a lot of desire to work and emerge in life because we will not stop until we achieve success.

Then I tell you this is the cart we want to buy, then with your donation you will have a space where we will place the logo of your business with your QR barcode to get to know you, that is our idea of ​​how we We can help each other.

We only need 2 thousand dollars to start our idea and start the production of gourmet fast food which is our concept that was raised to begin with.
Also with each of your collaborations we will make an entry here in our blog where they can say or propose what they want.